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Brianís LiPo recommendations: By Bryan Buaas

  N1 Mono- Minimum 4200mAh capacity- run either a 2S 4300-5000 pack or 2S2P 2500mAh (5000mAh total capacity) if a saddle style pack is required.

  19T Spec Hydro- 2S 4300-5000 mAh, no paralleling required.

  N2 classes- 2S2P 4300-5000 mAh (8600-10,000mAh total capacity).

  LSH 2- 4S 4300-5000 mAh, no paralleling required.

  P classes- 4S2P 4300-5000 mAh (8600-10,000mAh total capacity).

  These capacities will allow two heats before a recharge in the open motor classes with free running setups. I recommend that packs be charged between heats until you reliably know how much capacity is used in a particular setup.

-Use only cells rated at a minimum of 20C continuous discharge.

-Never charge higher than 1C.

-Never run below 3.0V/cell.

-Never use more than 75% capacity before recharging.

-Balancing isnít required during a race day, but should be performed after each day of running.

-never run the cells above 160F (under 140F is reasonable).